New version of "Generation Tree" 1.1.0

A new version 1.1.0 of the program "Tree of Generations" was released.
New opportunities:

  • when building a tree, the ability to customize the order of displaying children for any person is added.
  • if the person has several spouses, then during the construction of the tree, the ability to customize the order of the spouses.
  • the ability to import the database files "Tree of Generations" into the program (the "Import" command when displaying the list of projects).
  • added the ability to save the history of the viewed people. Navigation between persons on the buttons "Forward" and "Back".
  • added the ability to enter a comment on a person in a separate window and added a button for selecting a graph file by the person's image.
  • Fixed a bug with rendering RIP icon when displaying people in the form of a tree (Tree View mode).
  • Fixed "Invalid class typecast" error when double-clicking on the father's picture when displaying people in the form of a tree (Tree View mode).
  • Fixed bug when importing gedCom file "Invalid argument to date encode". This error occurred because of an invalid date in the gedCom file (for example "30 FEB").
  • Fixed a bug when saving large trees in a PNG file.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect display of the person's name in the pie chart.
  • Improved the speed of opening gedCom file when importing. For example, the file opening time for 6800 persons is increased from ~ 15 min, to ~ 34 sec.
  • when creating a tree, mistakes were corrected when displaying the person's cards (if the card had a landscape orientation) - dates of birth / dimension were shifted and names for some persons were not displayed.
  • Fixed bug in FAMS and FAMS tags when exporting to GedCom.
  • other bugs fixed and stability of the program improved.
You can download the program by link. Your comments, suggestions and feedback about the program's work, send to