Version 1.13.0 of 27.11.2022

  • Improved the algorithm for the formation of a full tree and by aligning the cards of parents relative to the cards of children. Improvement allows you to reduce the number of intersections of lines connecting the cards and place the cards of children next to the cards of parents
  • In the "Persons" section, the appearance of the person's representation in the form of a card has been changed and redesigned (the "Current View" - "Card" command)
  • In the "Families" section, the appearance of the family representation in the form of a card has been changed and redesigned (the "Current View" - "Card" command)
  • The output of siblings and adopted brothers and sisters has been added to the "Person Card" report
  • In the report "Person card" in the table of events, the records are sorted in descending order by the date of the event
  • In the "Persons" section of the main program window, the function of searching for a person has been added. Search button with a magnifying glass icon on the toolbar
  • In the "Designer" mode, added the ability to specify the size of the workspace (canvas) within which you can move the nodes of the tree
  • Redesigned tree customization form. The form is made more compact, when you change the font, the location of the photo and when you change the fields displayed on the card, the size of the card and the size of the line spacing between the text automatically change
  • The program settings form has been redesigned. Changed the layout of the form. Removed Ribbon style of dialog windows from customization
  • In the graph settings, the style setting for the lines connecting foster children and foster parents was moved
  • In the status bar of the graph display window, reference information about the number of persons and the number of families in the graph is displayed
  • When importing a gedCom file prepared in the FamilySpace system, support for non-standard BIRTH and CHILL tags has been added
  • Added the ability to switch from a person's record (in the "Persons" section) to a person's family record (in the "Families" section). The transition is performed using the "Go to family card" command in the pop-up menu
  • Added the ability to switch from a family entry (in the "Families" section) to a husband or wife card entry (in the "Persons" section). The transition is performed using the "Go to spouse card" or "Go to spouse card" commands in the pop-up menu
  • Added the ability to switch from an event record by person (in the "Persons" section, "Events" table) to an event card record (in the "Events" section). The transition is performed using the "Go to event card" command in the pop-up menu
  • The list of events in the "Person Card" report is sorted by date
  • In the "Families" section, the columns "Life expectancy of the spouse" and "Life expectancy of the spouse" have been added to the table of families
  • In the background image setting of the chart, a parameter for the location of the background image has been added. Options are "repeat", "don't repeat, don't stretch", "don't repeat, stretch", and "don't repeat, stretch, show whole"
  • Added a pop-up menu for all tables located in the info panel in all sections of the main program window
  • For all tables in the pop-up menu, the "Automatic column width" command has been added, which allows you to automatically adjust the width of all columns so that they occupy the entire width of the table
  • The graphical interface of the program is optimized for different monitor resolutions
  • Fixed: the "Next" button was unavailable in the dialog box for importing gedCom files
  • Fixed: accuracy in coordinates was lost when editing a location
  • Fixed: In the "Timeline" report incorrectly displayed photos of persons
  • Fixed: not all chart sheets were printed
  • Fixed: in all reports, fields with comments are displayed taking into account the word wrapping that was specified when entering
  • Fixed: Error "Mismatch of data types in the selection condition expression" when creating a new project
  • Fixed: Error when generating a site based on an example project (pedigree of Pushkin or Kennedy)
  • Fixed: Crash when working with interactive HTML if it was generated after moving nodes in design mode
  • Fixed: Fixed bugs with incorrect drawing of a frame for selecting an area on a photo when adding an avatar for a person


Version 1.12.0 of 10.12.2021

  • The algorithm of the Gedcom file import module has been redesigned - the speed of importing large files has been increased. Implemented a unified screen form for importing GedCom files and importing projects and archive copies of the "Generation Tree"
  • The ability to create an archive copy of the project has been implemented. Expansion of the "Export" and "Import" display forms in terms of adding the ability to create an archive copy of a project and restore from an archive copy.
    Prompt to create an archive copy when exiting the program
  • New report "Family Book"
  • New report "Questionnaire/Questionnaire"
  • When creating a new project, the name of the project database file and the name of the folder for storing documents are automatically generated
  • When you select the main menu command "File - Open folder with documents", a folder on the disk now opens, in which documents and photos of the current project are located
  • In the chart, added the display of non-blooded family ties in the chart card - "Son-in-law", "Daughter-in-law"
  • The length of the "Page or URL" field on the "Link to source" screen has been extended
  • On the screen form of the program settings added the ability to select the directory in which new projects are saved by default
  • Fixed: in the main window, going beyond the boundaries of the field "Full name of person"
  • Fixed: labels at the "Background image" field are cut off in the settings form
  • Fixed: When importing projects prepared in the "Generation Tree", links to documents in the project are automatically corrected after importing it. The links indicate the new location of files and documents
  • Fixed: If the original document or image file is missing on disk, then when opening the document card, no error occurs now
  • Fixed: fixed a bug where sometimes the background image for the tree graph was not selected
  • Fixed: an error occurred when choosing the "Print" command of any type of chart
  • Fixed: the borders of a chart that had manual movement of nodes after it was saved to a graphic file are cut off
  • Fixed: error on the screen form of viewing a photo, if you press any key
  • Fixed: if "Random color for all lines" is selected in the chart settings on the "Lines" tab, then there was an error in drawing some lines connecting cards
  • Fixed: when adding a photo / document in the "Persons", "Families" and "Events" sections, the bug with updating the title has been fixed and the speed of adding a photo has been increased / document
  • Fixed: the error was fixed when adding a quote from a source for an event and a document from the main program window


Version 1.11.0 of 22.08.2021

  • a new algorithm for plotting graphs such as "Full tree", "Direct ancestors and descendants" and "Direct relatives of brothers and sisters".
    The new algorithm implements the following features:
    - if a person has several spouses, then when building a tree, cards are fully displayed for them (previously, cards were displayed as a stack)
    - the "Full tree" graph displays foster parents and foster children
    - the graph has become more compact in width
  • on all charts, except for the pie chart, the ability to customize the displayed fields in the card has been added. A new tab "Card - Content" has been added to the "Tree settings" screen form
  • on all charts, except for the pie chart, the ability to customize the style of the connecting line between divorced spouses and spouses in an unofficial marriage has been added
  • on all charts, except for the pie chart, the ability to display the degree of affinity has been added
  • on all charts, except for the pie chart, the ability to hide or highlight the card of the person from whom the tree is being built is added
  • now the location of the cards on the chart is remembered after moving the cards the next time the chart is displayed
  • added the ability to select an option for displaying the color of connecting lines between cards: a single color for all cards, a random color for one family and a random color for all lines
  • added a new stencil for displaying photos on the card - "Rectangle with rounded corners"
  • in the design mode, after the completion of moving the card, a mechanism for auto-aligning the card to the grid is implemented
  • added a new template for building the Kivils website (the author of the template is
  • before generating the site, added the ability to select a template for building a graph
  • added hot keys (shortCut) for the main command buttons: for example, "add" -F2, "edit" - F4, "delete" - Ctrl + Del, "open" - Ctrl + O, "save as .." - Ctrl + S
  • The screen form of the source has been redesigned. Added the field type of source, depending on the type of source, the composition of the fields of the source property changes. Possible source types are "Book-Manuscript", "Web Site", "Oral Story" and "Other"
  • in the main window of the program, in the "Persons" section, the layout of the card of the current person, which is displayed at the bottom of the program, has been redesigned. The information is displayed more compactly and you can go to a specific property or event when you click on the link.
  • changed default avatars for man and woman. Added new avatars for boy / girl and grandfather / grandmother. The default avatar appearance now depends on the person's age.
  • the size of areas and the location of controls on the main program window and main screen forms now depends on the user's screen resolution
  • the fields "Age", "Life expectancy" have been added to the report "Person's card", the layout of the events table in this report has been changed
  • added Ukrainian language of the program interface
  • in the program settings ("Appearance" section) added the ability to select the style of tabs on the main program window: "Text and Icon", "Text Only" and "Icon Only"
  • in the program settings (section "Appearance") added the ability to select a background image in the header of the main window and the tree display window
  • fixed: minor errors when generating the site
  • fixed: looping error when building a pie chart (from Larionova Natalia)
  • fixed: js error when moving "console" nodes is not defined (from Natalia Larionov)
  • fixed: No argument for format '% s' when working with a language other than Russian
  • fixed: the date of death was not displayed on all charts, for persons with a surname at birth and if the photo is not displayed
  • fixed: description was not saved when editing the Notes field in the author's card (menu item "File" - "Info" - "Information about the author")
  • old bugs fixed, new ones added :-)


Version 1.10.0 of 10.05.2020

  • added the ability to paginate graphs
  • added the ability to mark twins among siblings with an indication of the type: identical or multi-identical
  • added export of graphics to an interactive HTML file. In this case, when you click on the person’s card in the chart, a pop-up window with the person’s card is displayed
  • option to display the directory in the form of a map has been added to the directory of places. On the map you can display the places of events for a specific person (if the dates are indicated for the events, that is, the ability to visually display the person’s “life path”) or display on the map of events according to the selected type
  • help system is connected to the program (context help is called up by pressing F1). Help file GT.chm, online help is available at
  • a new column “Number of years of marriage” has been added to the table of families family duration until the death of one of the spouses or before the divorce
  • a new column "Age at the time of the event" has been added to the event table, which displays the age of the main participant at the time of the event
  • foster parents and foster children are correctly entered and edited. There is no way to display foster parents on the chart, only foster children can be displayed. All reports have added information about adopted children / parents
  • on the screen form for viewing graphs, an information header has been added which displays the type of graph and the name of the person from whom the graph is built. In the program settings, you can configure the display of this header. The title on the chart itself is hidden. Added flag to control the display of this header in the chart settings
  • in the "Families" section, when viewing the list of families in the form of cards, the layout of the family card itself was changed - a photo of both spouses is displayed, the "Number of years of marriage" field is added, the remaining fields are re-arranged
  • in the "Events" section, when viewing the list of events in the form of cards, the layout of the event card was changed
  • in the "Events" section of the event table in the "Event Type" column, an icon display for the main event types is added
  • when viewing the list of objects (person, family, event, etc.) in the form of a card, the current selected card is highlighted in blue and bold
  • on the tree view screen, the order of the groups of templates is changed when viewing them in the template gallery
  • fixed: display EF tree settings for screens with low resolution (height resolution less than 768)
  • fixed: when changing the program language, the data on the "Family" tab in the "Persons" section is now correctly updated
  • fixed: updating tables of persons and families when entering or editing events of the "Divorce" type
  • fixed: error "qryQuery: Field 'FAM_ID' not found"


Version 1.8.0 of 17.01.2020

  • When displaying all types of trees except the type "butterfly" and a pie chart, the ability to drag tree nodes has been added.
  • The fact table on the person’s card has been reworked. The facts are now called the "Personal data" of the person, they are not displayed in the form of a table, but as separate fields on the screen form. Added menu for choosing whether to display personal data on the person’s EF card. Added new personal data, deleted unnecessary. Added categories of personal data and the ability to sort to display personal data.
  • a title is added in the main window of the program, the current section of the program and the current object in the section are displayed in the cator. In the program settings, you can control the display of the title (hide - show)
  • the font of controls in all windows of the program is changed. Font size can be adjusted in the program settings (new section "Interface")
  • When displaying any type of "tree" if the information does not fit in the person’s card, it is truncated.
  • When deleting a project, an additional warning is displayed to delete the folder with the project documents.
  • In the report "Person Card" in the "Family" section, information is added on whether the spouses are divorced or not
  • In the reports “Upstream List” and “Downstream List” added information on whether the spouses are divorced or not
  • The tab "Names of the person" on the main window and in the card of the person is hidden in the standard mode of the program
  • When a person is deleted, the text of the information message is expanded which also displays information about the number of connected families, events and documents.
  • When deleting an event, the text of the information message is expanded. When you delete the "Birth" event, it is proposed to delete the person. When you delete the "Wedding" event, it is proposed to delete the family.
  • For the event of the type "Wedding" two new fields "Priest" and "Temple" were added
  • The widowhood event has been added (the opportunity is valid for new projects)
  • Changed the name of the type of marriage from "Unofficial" to "Unregistered"
  • The transition to the configuration of Personal Information of the person from the EF card of the person has been implemented.
  • Implemented the transition to the event card “Birth”, “Death”, “Funeral” from the screen of the Person
  • Edited the standard color scheme of the program. On the application button in the Ribbon toolbar, instead of the application icon, the inscription "FILE" is displayed
  • Changed the layout of the birth table. The output of the description and image of the coat of arms is added to the table
  • The layout of the Repositories table has been changed (output of the repository description has been added).
  • Implemented viewing photos in the form of a slide show (with the ability to adjust the interval and transition effect)
  • Date / place of marriage and date / place of divorce are added to the main table of families
  • The column "Additional Information" has been added to all event tables, in which the values ​​of additional fields for the event are displayed in a list.
  • Auto-wrap words in the "comment" fields for any object. Ability to disable word wrap
  • The "Comment" field for a person is renamed to "Biography"
  • The display of the printed form of the person’s card has been improved.
  • In the "Documents" section of the main program window, the buttons "Photos", "Audio / Video" and "Documents" are added to filter the displayed media content
  • In the "Documents" section of the main program window, the ability to view photos and documents is added not only in relation to albums, but also in relation to persons.
  • When you enter your daughter, the father's last name is inserted in the "Last name at birth" field. If the Last name at birth and Last name are the same, then in the "Full name of the person" field they are not duplicated. The algorithm for determining the last name in the feminine, based on the male last name, has been improved.
  • Bugfix: the number of documents in the header of the navigation panel is correctly calculated when creating or deleting a document
  • Fixed: if in the document card we add (or delete) a selection of a related object, it is successfully saved
  • A mistake was made when building a tree if the family was introduced as follows: entering a man, then entering a wife, then a daughter with an undefined father is indicated for the wife.
  • Fixed: If a father is selected for the daughter, then after the selection the window of the family property was erroneously displayed.
  • Fixed: A woman with two children was brought in without a father, then a new spouse is added for the woman. After the establishment of the spouse for each child, a confirmation is asked whether the spouse is entered by the father of the child. Previously, there was one confirmation for all children.
  • Fixed: If for the deceased person whose dates of death and burial are indicated, put the flag “alive”, now the date / place of death and burial is correctly cleared and the corresponding events are deleted
  • Fixed: If the parameters of the family indicate that the couple married, then an event of the type "Wedding" is correctly created
  • Fixed: when deleting a spouse, an event of the type "Wedding" is correctly deleted
  • Fixed: if the event "Divorce" is manually created, then the participants "Former husband" and "Former wife" are selected from the list of established persons, taking into account gender
  • Bugfix: the list of events from the "Events" section is correctly updated if the event was deleted in the "Persons" - "Events" section
  • Bug fixed: Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Int64)
  • Bug fixed: Cannot create file C:\Users\\Documents\GTProjects\ when creating a new project
  • Bug fixed: Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Integer) in the date editor
  • Bug fixed: Invalid argument to date encode while saving a person’s card


Version 1.7.0 of 27.10.2019

  • the "Generation Tree" mobile license has been added, this license is identical in functionality to the extended license, the difference is that the program runs from a portable disk and runs on any computer.
  • added the ability to choose in which mode the graphical interface of the program works: Standard or Advanced. Comparison of two interface modes on the page You can change the mode at any time by clicking the button in the status bar of the main program window, or in the program settings.
  • the layouts of the forms "Person", "Family", "Event", "Document", "Source", "Repository", "Place" have been changed and Dynasty
  • the "New Family Wizard" command has been removed from the toolbar. This wizard is only available after starting a new project, if the corresponding flag is checked
  • added the ability to switch to the Birth and Death event cards from the Persona screen form.
  • in the new family wizard, if validation worked while saving the data, that the field is empty, now this field may lose focus. Previously, this field was blocked and data entry was required.
  • in all fields for entering parts of the full name in the text to drive, the first letter is forcibly converted to upper case. This feature is enabled or disabled in the program settings
  • when you save a person’s card, the leading and trailing spaces in all parts of the name are deleted
  • if the person is already in favorites, then in the pop-up menu instead of the "Add to Favorites" command the command "Remove from Favorites" is displayed
  • if the family is already in favorites, then in the pop-up menu, instead of the "Add to Favorites" command, the "Delete from Favorites" command is displayed
  • before saving the data in the person’s card, a check is made for the presence in the database of a person with the entered Last Name-First Name-Middle Name. If such persons are found in the database, a warning is displayed with the possible actions "Continue saving" or "Cancel saving" of the person’s card.
  • the algorithm for generating the order of displaying generic branches along the horizontal axis when building a full tree is optimized to remove the intersection of lines when displaying matchmakers.
  • from the navigation panel for each table, extra commands were removed and tooltips were added for all buttons of this panel.
  • in all standard windows for confirming an action, warning or error, headers and names of buttons are translated
  • for the standard event "Funeral" two new fields "Cemetery" and "Site number" were added (this feature will be applicable for new projects)
  • The "Privacy" field has been renamed to "Restriction" (RESN tag in GedCom format) On the "Person", "Family" and "Event" screen forms for this field, instead of a drop-down list (ComboBox), now the button is an icon and a drop-down menu
  • A button has been added on the "Person" screen to clear the "Family Line" field
  • when selecting the "Open project" command, the output of the database file name for the project is added to the list of projects
  • the error is fixed, if in any filled field with a date the date line is deleted, when the date is opened in the date editor, the old value is displayed
  • a bug was fixed when the map sometimes didn’t appear on the "Search for places in Google Maps" tab
  • a bug was fixed in the "Timeline" report when the wedding event was not correctly displayed for children of the current person.
  • a bug was fixed when, after editing a family in which one of the spouses was not indicated, the full tree was incorrectly costed.
  • fixed incorrect blurry display of icons in all pop-up menus of the program


Version 1.6.0 of 14.07.2019

  • added the ability to merge two or more projects
  • when entering a place on any screen form, an automatic search for a place is used using the Google Geocoding API
  • all tree types are displayed on separate tabs. Added functions to save a tree in a file and open a previously saved tree from a file
  • in any built tree, upon clicking on a person, a pop-up menu was added with commands to view the person’s card and build commands on the person on a new tab
  • in the window with a built tree, the "Update" command has been added to the pop-up menu
  • output the number of objects in the header of each section (Persons, Families, Events, Documents, To-do list)
  • when importing gedcom file prepared in MyHeritage, thumbnails of images used in the project are added to the database with compression. Sketches of photographs of persons are also reduced in size. This allowed about 10 times to reduce the size of the database. Correctly determined photo, which is used to depict the person
  • In the program settings (in the "Documents" section) you can now adjust the quality of the thumbnail image that will be stored in the database, and which is used to preview the image
  • in the pie chart, the dates of birth and death of the person are now correctly displayed, especially if these dates are set according to the Julian calendar. Previously, such dates did not fit on the chart in the person sector
  • in the pie chart the title of the chart is correctly displayed for the case of 1-2 persons
  • all graphs are aligned on the horizontal axis along the center when displayed on the screen
  • in the program settings the parameter "Image scale when saving a tree" is added - allows you to customize the scale of a graphic image when exporting any type of tree to a graphic file
  • when you add a document on the Document screen, the current selected album is automatically substituted
  • a "Favorite" column has been added to the family table
  • in the family table, divorced families are marked in red
  • fixed the error when adding a new person name if the name type was not specified
  • fixed the error when it was impossible to choose the coat of arms of the dynasty from a file in PNG format
  • fixed the error of displaying Google maps and an error when searching for places by name or coordinates using Google Maps
  • fixed a bug related to the display of documents and images in the generated site
  • fixed the error when plotting the "Direct ancestors and descendants" when the line connecting the descendant with the parent was not displayed correctly and if one of the parents had children from different marriages
  • fixed the error of importing a gedcom file with an incorrectly filled NMR tag


Version 1.5.0 of 21.01.2019

  • Added the ability to create a family site based on the data entered into the program. The main sections: Persons, Families, Events, Photo Album, Trees, Statistics. The site can be put on a hosting, sent by email or copied to another folder. An example of a site that is generated by the Generation Tree program can be viewed at
  • Added the ability to select related objects in photos (person, family, event or simple text comment)
  • Added the ability to store the front and back of the photo
  • The "Documents" section in the main program window has been reworked: objects associated with a document are now displayed in a single table "Related objects" instead of the previously existing bookmarks "Person", "Family" and "Events" and added the ability to view the front and back of the photo. When viewing a photo, a choice of the "Fit Size" and "Actual Size" view modes has been added with the ability to zoom.
  • Reworked photo preview form.
  • In the document card, which is displayed when executing the "Print" command, the image is now displayed.
  • added function of dragging (drag'n'drop) documents between folders of albums. Also added is the ability to drag and drop nodes in the album structure.
  • made in the settings of the action that must be performed with a double click on the document (view or edit).
  • when adding a person to favorites by dragging (drag'n'drop) to the "tree" of favorites, the favorite icon ("Star") is now correctly drawn in the person table
  • when displaying a tree, the correct display of lines of the type "dotted", "point-dash" and "point" depending on the thickness of the line
  • in the status bar of the window in which the tree is displayed, the output of reference information about the canvas size, the current display scale and the trackBar for a quick change of the tree display scale is added.
  • when displaying a tree for projects whose indicated language is different from Russian, the order of displaying parts of the name has been adjusted. The name is displayed in the following order: FirstName, MiddleName, LastName
  • on the tree added the ability to customize the line between spouses who have unregistered marriage
  • on the tree added the ability to customize the line between spouses who are divorced
  • on the tree added the ability to customize the label at the junction of the line between parents and children
  • On the Album form, the list of icons for selecting the icon associated with this album is expanded.
  • on the form of displaying a tree (a tree of any type) the Popup menu has been changed. Standard commands have been added to the Popup Menu - "Scale", "Settings", "Save As ..." and others.
  • Fixed the error "dxDoc: Field 'DATE_STR' not found" when double clicking on the document, on the form of a person.
  • The image preview is correctly displayed on the image preview form (previously, in some cases, lblTitle was displayed)
  • on the avatar selection form for a person, the selected area in the photo is displayed with a frame
  • on the forms "New Family Wizard" and "New Project" if there were no changes in the fields, the exit does not ask for the changes to be saved upon exit (the "Cancel" command).
  • error when importing gedCom file in which HEAD-CHAR = windows-1251 encoding is specified
  • fixed error "EOleException: The field size is insufficient to accept added data. Try inserting less data" when importing data from the GedCom file


Version 1.4.0 of 24.09.2018

  • added a new graph "Butterfly"
  • added the ability to store multiple avatars for one person. Correct implementation of commands for avatars "Cut"-"Copy"-"Insert"-"Delete". Added the ability to add an avatar from the web camera.
  • added the ability to display a multi-line header when outputting a tree
  • added the ability to display the surname at the birth of a person for all types of graphs
  • changed the mechanism for checking the correctness of filling the fields on the forms (field validation). If the field is incorrect (empty or invalid), then a warning icon and a brief information about the error are displayed when saving data on the left side of the field.
  • Fixed drawbacks when drawing people's cards when displaying a tree (correct photo offset from the edge of the card, fixed a bug with drawing lines with rounded corners)
  • fixed bug with program hang, when building a tree, when the flag "Show foster children" is checked
  • fixed serial number error when running in Windows XP
  • bug fixed when editing the name of the person "Format% invalid or incomatable with argument"
  • bug fixed when editing author's data "The edit value is invalid"
  • bug with background displacement for the original person when building a full tree.


Version 1.3.0 of 09.07.2018

  • added a new tree view: ancestors from below, descendants from above
  • new Timeline report
  • Proper drawing of common ancestors
  • now the tree "Direct ancestors" and "Direct relatives" are correctly displayed if there are common blood relatives
  • when the program is started, checking if a new version of the program is available, if there is a new version, the user is asked to download it
  • if no projects are open, the command "Import GedCom" is added to the commands "New Project" and "Open Project"
  • in the program settings, a new section "System" is added, which contains the proxy server and port parameters when synchronizing with the mobile client
  • the favorites in the person table are highlighted in blue bold, the column "favorite" is added to the person table
  • correct display of vertical and horizontal scroll bars when viewing a tree
  • fixed bug when activating (not saving the entered data by people) it was necessary to reboot
  • bug fixed when building a tree when the state from dxDockingManager was restored
  • bug fixed "qryQuery: Missing SQL property"


Version 1.2.0 of 13.05.2018

  • when creating a new project, information about the author is cleared
  • the activation system is redesigned. Changed the activation form and the message, if the request for action
  • new "Buy" button in the main program window
  • a sync error when the #&A character appears in the comments to the person
  • the layout of the controls on the "Event Type" form the first time the form is run


Version 1.1.0 of 06.05.2018

  • the ability to customize the order of displaying children for any person is added when building a tree
  • if the person has several spouses, then the ability to customize the order of the spouses' appearance is added when building the tree
  • the ability to import the "Generation Tree" files into the program (the "import" command when displaying the list of projects)
  • added the ability to save the transition history by the person table. Navigation between persons on the buttons "Forward" and "Back"
  • added the ability to enter a comment on a person in a separate window and added a button for selecting a graph file by the person's image
  • fixed bug with rendering of RIP icon when displaying people in tree view (Tree View mode)
  • Fixed "Invalid class typecast" error when double-clicking on the father's photo when displaying people in the form of a tree (Tree View mode)
  • fixed bug when importing gedCom file "Invalid argument to date encode". the given error arose, because of the incorrect date in the gedCom file (for example "30 FEB")
  • fixed bug when saving large trees to a PNG file
  • bug with incorrect display of the person's name in the pie chart
  • increased the speed of opening the gedCom file when importing. For example, the file opening time for 6800 persons is increased from ~ 15 minutes, to ~ 34 sec
  • when creating a tree, mistakes were corrected when displaying cards of people (if the card had a landscape orientation) - dates of birth / dimension were shifted and names for some persons were not displayed
  • bug fixed in FAMS and FAMS tags when exporting to GedCom
  • other bugs fixed and program stability increased


Version 1.0.7 beta of 04.03.2018

  • bug fixed when exporting a tree to MS Visio, generated in the "Generations Tree" program svg file opens successfully in MS Visio
  • Added new card templates in the tree. New templates have a portrait display of the card.
  • Improved algorithm and fixed errors when drawing people's cards when building a tree
  • when building a tree, when centering the photo, the text is aligned to the center of the card
  • Fixed errors when overlapping lines when building a full tree
  • The layout of the form of the person has been changed
  • Fixed translation errors in languages ​​other than Russian
  • other bugs fixed and stability of the program increased.

Version 1.0.6 beta of 21.01.2018

  • The layout of the form of the person has been changed
  • Added new card templates in the tree. New templates have a portrait display of the card.
  • Fixed translation errors in languages other than Russian

Version 1.0.3 beta of 25.08.2017

  • Fixed errors when importing GedCom files (encoding problems), importing the possibility to download media objects from the Internet if url objects are specified, at the final step of import, the possibility specify whether to open the downloaded project or not.
  • Fixed bugs when exporting data: TYPE tag for , export of user events and other errors
  • For the person's facts, the flag "display in statistics" is added, which allows you to manage to hide or display statistics on this fact.

Version 1.0.2 beta of 19.06.2017

  • Synchronization with Generations Tree for Android
  • bug fixes

Version 1.0.1 beta 15.03.2017

  • when entering a new wife (husband), the system checks for the presence of a wife (husband) with the same name in the system for that person. If there is, then a warning is displayed
  • in the "new family master" you can specify which child to enter - the son or daughter. If the data of the father's name are specified, the surname and patronymic are automatically substituted when the child is entered. When you enter your daughter you can specify a surname at birth.
  • the generation of statistics (generic or by generation) is added when the genealogical tree is created. The statistics display options are configured in the form of a tree configuration.
  • Added the ability to display notifications / reminders about events when the program starts. It is possible to configure which types of events to display notifications.
  • a flag is added to the document table, which indicates that there is no original document on the disk.
  • when deleting an entry in the table, go to the next entry
  • when adding a tree, the order of displaying spouses is added in case of presence of several spouses for the person.
  • when building a tree, the ability to adjust X coordinates of any node of the tree is added.
  • added the ability to build a pie chart
  • added the ability to print or save statistics on the program's database.
  • bug fixes