Available BETA version "Generations Tree"

Available new BETA version "Generations Tree"
New features:

  • when entering a new wife (husband), a check is made for the presence of a wife (husband) with the same name in the system for that person. If there is, then a warning is displayed
  • in the "master of the new family" you can specify which child to enter - the son or daughter. If the name of the father is given, the surname and patronymic are automatically substituted when the child is entered. When you enter your daughter, you can specify a surname at birth.
  • at the construction of the family tree, the ability to output statistics (common or by generations) is added. The statistics display options are configured in the tree configuration form.
  • Added the ability to output notifications / reminders of events when the program starts. It is possible to configure which types of events to display notifications.
  • a flag is added to the document table, which indicates that the original document is not on the disk.
  • when deleting a record in the table, go to the next record
  • when building a tree, the order of displaying spouses is added in case of presence of several spouses for a person.
  • when building a tree, the ability to adjust X coordinates of any node of the tree is added.
  • added the ability to build a pie chart
  • added the ability to print or save statistics on the database program.
  • fixed bugs
You can download the program by link. Send your comments, suggestions and feedback about the program to the email contact@generatree.com.